Grow Intelligent Learning Center invites students K-6 to participate in a

Day Camp Summer Program 

Grow Intelligent Learning Center delivers high quality, safe and nurturing environment and is committed to engage students in learning in a fun and adventurous way.

       The Summer Day Camp is a 12- week program that runs from

        June 6-August 26   Monday-Wednesday   6:30 am—6 pm  

(Thursday will open if at least 10 participants enroll).

Program Description:

This day camp program is inspired by the framework of Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence. We believe that every student has unique talents and we strive to provide an atmosphere that will uncover, enrich and develop students’ potential.

 Program is enhanced by activities in all areas of multiple intelligence:

*Linguistic (word smart)* Logical-Mathematical * Naturalist (nature smart) * Spatial (picture smart) * Bodily (body smart) *Musical (music smart) * Interpersonal (people smart) * Intrapersonal (self smart)

Student will complete an Individual Multiple Intelligence Assessment  with a development chart provided at the end of the program.

*  Special benefit: weekly lessons in Russian and Spanish  *

   * Daily breakfast, lunch and snack is included

  Summer Day Camp rates: Weekly (3 days)—$80; Drop off—$30

“It’s Not How Smart You Are, It’s How You Are Smart!” Howard Gardner

Grow Intelligent Learning Center

13601 Balsam Ln N, Dayton, MN 55327


Request an application here

or at

Дорогие родители, желающие обучать детей на дому в предстоящем учебном году. Приглашаем вас на встречу, где вы сможете получить необходимую информацию, а также задать свои вопросы по этому поводу.

Темы обсуждения:  оформление и документация, выбор программы, тесты, основные требования, возраст детей, high school, обязанности родителей, помощь родителям, внешкольные мероприятия и многое другое

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